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Residential Building Warranty

A CIR residential building warranty is recognised by industry regulators, government bodies and housing associations. Our residential building warranty, also known as structural warranty insurance, is a 10-year policy for new builds, renovations and retrospective cover.

What we cover

Self Build

New Homes

Conversion Schemes

Social Housing

Major Projects / Highrise

Completed / Retrospective Builds

Commercial Schemes

Mixed Use Developments

Build To Rent (BTR)

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

Shield Yourself Against Construction-Related Defects.

A CIR Building Warranty shields new homeowners for 10 years against the financial burden of major repairs due to structural defects or faulty workmanship. CIR structural warranties are recognised industry-wide and provide comprehensive coverage for new homes, renovations, and even retrospective projects.

structural warranty

Secure Your Investment With a 10-Year Building Warranty.

Secure your construction project against costly structural issues. CIR’s 10-year building warranty solutions empower developers, builders, and property owners by safeguarding their investments from hidden defects and unforeseen repair expenses. With our comprehensive coverage, you can focus on building your project with confidence.

Commercial Building Warranty

Comprehensive Coverage.

Our residential building warranties provide comprehensive coverage for homeowners and developers. A CIR 10-year building warranty covers a wide range of systems and components within the building. With the backing of a CIR building warranty, developers and homeowners can rest assured their investment is protected.


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A policy provided by CIR ensures our clients can build from foundation to finish with confidence. From developer to property owner, find out how we can build better together.

Frequently Asked Questions

A residential building warranty, also known as a “structural warranty” or “latent defects insurance”, is an insurance policy specifically designed for new build homes. The warranty covers the cost of repairs for any unseen structural defects due to faulty materials, poor workmanship, or design flaws that arise during the warranty period.

Residential building warranties cover major structural defects, such as foundation problems and load-bearing wall issues. A CIR Building Warranty will also cover problems arising from the use of incorrect materials or substandard construction practices, as well as hidden issues that weren’t apparent during the inspection upon completion.

CIR Building Warranties provide 10 years of cover from the completion date of the construction project, in line with industry standards. The warranty period is split into two periods. During the first two years, known as the “defects insurance period”, builders and developers are obliged to resolve any workmanship issues. From years three to ten, the “structural insurance period”, they are only responsible for remediating structural defects.

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